Groupes de travail

The SearCH group (Surgical Expertise Active for Rare Cases in CH) for hand malformations has organized two annual meetings at Berne or Zurich since 2010. This group is open to every surgeon or therapist interested in the field and so far, we have had mostly hand surgeons, pediatric surgeons and orthopedic surgeons participating. During previous meetings we have focussed on controversial problems in the treatment of children\’s hands, based on case presentations by participants. We found a vivid interest in such a discussion forum and are scheduling regular meetings twice a year.

Persons interested in the meetings may contact the organizers by email to be included in the mailing list for future invitations.

Groupe de travail associant chirurgiens et orthopédistes pédiatres créé en 2003. Il réunit 4 fois par an les médecins directement impliqués dans la prise en charge des enfants victimes de traumatismes pour partager les expériences, discuter de cas cliniques, évaluer les pratiques dans les différents centres et mettre sur pied des études multi-centriques. Il reste toujours ouvert à toute personne intéressée.